MSIH is a technology company based in Rockville, Maryland that creates real solutions for real people. We specialize in providing a common-sense approach to all we do. We help our clients make a positive impact, not only for their business and their bottom line, but for the community we share. The MSIH staff is intelligent, enthusiastic, multifaceted, and driven. They are innovators who are adept at creative solutions. We understand that our company is only as good as our staff, so we strive to meet their personal career goals while providing room for growth and continual evolution, all the while balancing work and family time. We are always interested in hearing from talented individuals. All applicants should have excellent communication skills and be willing to work either as part of a team or independently. Please use to submit your resume.

Work-Life Balance

We encourage a healthy work-life balance by providing a flexible environment that appreciates the requirement that there is life outside of the office.


MSIH recognizes that a comprehensive employee benefit program is an important part of the total compensation package. MSIH benefits package includes: